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Virtual Driving Simulation in Las Vegas

For the first time ever in Las Vegas, we are pleased to announce our Virtual Driving simulator to train teen drivers, drivers requiring re-education and visually impaired (Low Vision) drivers. This exclusive driving simulator allows for safe driving skills before hitting the road.

Drivers will be challenged driving through different types of weather (clear, rain, thunderstorm, snow or fog), lighting (day or night), and locations (city, highway, residential, commercial, rural). Any infraction (such as speeding, heavy braking, following too close, etc) will be shown in real time on the screen and after your drive, you will review your experience with your instructor.

AAA Driving Academy now offers classroom drivers courses for teens, students and adults, featuring Las Vegas’ Only Driving Simulator, under the expertise of experienced instructors. Call us today!

UntitledDriving Simulator - teen driving classes


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