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Pricing – Click here to Pay Online

Our Driving Simulator
$50 / hour for first 2 lessons
$45 / hour for third lesson
$40 / hour for fourth lesson and all additional lessons

In the class room:
$398 for 15 hour class room, including a simulator lesson, and 2 hours behind the wheel with free pickup and drop-off.

New Drivers without vision disabilities:
Pre-pay 1-3 Hours – $55/hr Home Pick up/Drop Off – 1 or 2 hour lessons **Home Visits MUST be 2 hours**
Pre-pay 4 Hours – $50/hr Includes Home Pick-up/Drop Off – 2 Hour lessons ONLY
Pre-pay 10 Hours – $47/hr Includes Home Pick-up/Drop Off – Can be used for Clinic or Home Visits (Home Visits MUST be 2 hours)
Using Car for DMV Test – $200 Student must have a MINIMUM of 4 lessons with AAA Driving Academy AND Dan’s approval, and AAA must schedule the DMV appointment

Drivers with Low Vision:
1. $120/hr. and includes assistance with scheduling annual BTW (behind the wheel) DMV drive test
2. All drivers with low vision must sign up for a minimal of 3 classes at $120 per class
3. Returning bioptic drivers may sign up for 1 class but the instructor will determine if additional classes are needed before DMV form can be provided by eye doctor.

Dan Severino is the only DMV certified instructor in all of Nevada to instruct visually impaired students to drive using bioptic telescopes and other visual aids to help them remain driving legally in NV.