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Our Driving Instructors

Our Driving Instructors have years of experience teaching new and seasoned drivers of all ages.


Dan Severino

I have been a Driving Instructor with AAA Driving Academy for many years.  I enjoy teaching all students the skills of how to manage a vehicle and to drive defensively.  I use an abundance of techniques, as shown in the DMV manual and other sources to achieve this goal. I like to approach solving any individuals driving challenges, as an opportunity to make them a good, safe driver.


David Lumpkin

David has over 20 years’ experience in the transportation and driving fields. Presently, David is our lead Driving Instructor for AAA Driving Academy and also works teaching Autonomous Cars to drive! His experience also includes being a Quality Control Safety Officer and Test Driving and Evaluating vehicles to be put on the market for a multitude of car companies. David’s attention to detail, caring and patient manner are his strongest qualities as an Instructor. We are proud to admit his 98% passing rate for first try DMV tests!


Stephanie Rideout

Extremely proud to be a part of an amazing team of driving instructors at AAA Driving Academy. I take pride in being proactive in the driving community, making the streets of Las Vegas safer. Being a mother, I understand the concern that parents have when their child is preparing for their license. My goal, each day, is giving them peace of mind and my students, the skills and confidence needed while driving. When my students succeed, I succeed!


Brenda Huss

Brenda has been a teacher for Clark County schools for over the past two years, teaching English and Theater to middle and high school students. She has a passion for teaching. Her approach is to kill her students with kindness and teach them proper skills to accomplish everyday tasks.  


Garnetta Brown

Garnetta is a retired police officer and a Las Vegas resident for over 27 years. She continuously dedicates her time to serve, protect and contribute to her community. She has a passion for mentoring and teaching students.   


Deni Favela-Parra

My name is Deni, I love being a part of this awesome company! My past experiences working with youth, teens, and people from all demographics has given me the skills and compassion to connect with my students to allow them to feel comfortable and safe as they learn the knowledge they need to be safe and confident drivers. Their success is my success!


Chad Bostick

Chad is an accomplished driving instructor from Austin, TX. Additionally, he has 7 years experience as a school bus driver, 2 of which saw him responsible for Special Needs children attending the Texas School for the Blind. Driving has always been a passion of Chad's. He received his class C license at 16, his motorcycle license at 18, and his Commercial Driver's License at 21, making him the youngest school bus driver in Austin for a short period of time. During his summers, weekends, and holidays off from driving a school bus, Chad has also driven commercially for Limousine companies and worked as a cabin counselor at a YMCA camp. Chad is very excited to be a part of AAA Driving Academy, and looks forward to helping students gain confidence and prowess on the road. 


Robert Gates

Hello, my name is Robert I am a married father of 4 children, 2 kittens and a dog. I have been driving for over 43 years . I learned how to drive when I was 12 years old, as my father taught me in his 1972 Ford Pinto 4 speed.. When I turned 18 moved to New York and had to learn how to drive in the snow my first day there. Most recently I went to school and earned a CDL class A license and drove across the country in 24 states in all types of weather conditions. I started here at AAA Driving Academy as I want to do my part to get better drivers on these crazy Las Vegas roads.