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Our Driving Instructors

Our Driving Instructors have years of experience teaching new and seasoned drivers of all ages.


John Garner

Hello my name is John Garner, as a retired police officer, I’ve instructed a diverse group of trainees for over 20 years. I bring my experience and expertise with a calm delivery to each student in my efforts to ensure their success on the road and behind the wheel. I look forward to helping you!

Dan Severino

Having been an instructor for AAA Driving Academy for over 3 years, my number one priority in teaching a student defensive driving skills, is to keep them safe on the road.

I prepare a specialized program for each student, devoting the entire driving lesson to what each student needs to become a better, safer driver.

With few exceptions, with proper training, there is no need for any student to get involved in an accident for which they are at fault, (and practically eliminate any potential ones to be faulted by another).

With my method of teaching, I can show my students how to avoid over 85% of all accidents, having avoided 100% of accidents myself. I teach my students using a specialized method how to perform each step; including proper use of the steering wheel, foot placement, precision turning, speed control, control during panic stops, smooth stops and starts, proper use of all parts of your vision, while looking in all directions, anticipating possible hazardous situations, and many others.

I teach each student the information they need, from the very basics of driving to advanced parallel parking. This includes walking into the DMV office to take your test. Every student I have has received their driver’s license, most with 100%.

David Lumpkin

David is truly a professional driver who has spent the last 5+yrs driving cars throughout the country to test their capabilities, functionalities, pros and cons, prior to being approved and announced by several car manufacturers. David has also educated and lead departments in different fields. He is a genuine teacher with lots of patience, knowledge, and attentiveness and he looks forward to being your favorite driving instructor.

Derek Paulson

Derek has years of experience teaching and educating our community about optics and vision related facts. Derek is patient, quick witted, and very caring. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise in defensive and safe driving skills.