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Our Driving Instructors

Our Driving Instructors have years of experience teaching new and seasoned drivers of all ages.


Dan Severino

I have been a Driving Instructor with AAA Driving Academy for many years.  I enjoy teaching all students the skills of how to manage a vehicle and to drive defensively.  I use an abundance of techniques, as shown in the DMV manual and other sources to achieve this goal. I like to approach solving any individuals driving challenges, as an opportunity to make them a good, safe driver.


David Lumpkin

David has over 20 years’ experience in the transportation and driving fields. Presently, David is our lead Driving Instructor for AAA Driving Academy and also works teaching Autonomous Cars to drive! His experience also includes being a Quality Control Safety Officer and Test Driving and Evaluating vehicles to be put on the market for a multitude of car companies. David’s attention to detail, caring and patient manner are his strongest qualities as an Instructor. We are proud to admit his 98% passing rate for first try DMV tests!


Lance Yates

Everyone has the ability to be great! I believe that we are in control of our thoughts & choices, we can achieve countless success in our life, by making good choices! I’ve been mentoring & coaching others in life skills over the last 30 years. I’m passionate about teaching students about the many distractions all drivers face on our roadways. My goal is to give students the proper training & confidence for their lifetime of driving adventures & journeys. I realize everyone learns differently and it’s these differences that makeup who we are in the world and how we react on the streets of Las Vegas! Good driving is a choice, be safe make great choices!


Stephanie Rideout

Extremely proud to be a part of an amazing team of driving instructors at AAA Driving Academy. I take pride in being proactive in the driving community, making the streets of Las Vegas safer. Being a mother, I understand the concern that parents have when their child is preparing for their license. My goal, each day, is giving them peace of mind and my students, the skills and confidence needed while driving. When my students succeed, I succeed!


Dana Connors

My approach with students is to be serious but fun at the same time. Making the experience positive and memorable. I enjoy helping students achieve their driving goals and relieving parent’s concerns. I have been with AAA Driving Academy for 2 years and watching our students improve, gives me great pride.  


James Pappas

James Pappas is retired. Semi-retired, that is.

James has worked in areas requiring the highest customer service skills and a willingness to engage the public. Meeting new people is still a great pleasure for him as this continues to teach him much about patience and tolerance.  For most of the last two decades, James has driven a limousine for chartered transportation and for several prestigious hotels so, he’s well acquainted with careful driving skills and the all-important need for safety. He is a college graduate at ease with communication skills at all levels. Most importantly, he enjoys driving and teaching.