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Our Driving Instructors

Our Driving Instructors have years of experience teaching new and seasoned drivers of all ages.


John Garner

Hello my name is John Garner, as a retired police officer, I’ve instructed a diverse group of trainees for over 20 years. I bring my experience and expertise with a calm delivery to each student in my efforts to ensure their success on the road and behind the wheel. I look forward to helping you!

David Lumpkin

David has over 20 years’ experience in the transportation and driving fields. Presently, David is our lead Driving Instructor for AAA Driving Academy and also works teaching Autonomous Cars to drive! His experience also includes being a Quality Control Safety Officer and Test Driving and Evaluating vehicles to be put on the market for a multitude of car companies. David’s attention to detail, caring and patient manner are his strongest qualities as an Instructor. We are proud to admit his 98% passing rate for first try DMV tests!

Derek Paulson

Derek has years of experience teaching and educating our community about optics and vision related facts. Derek is patient, quick witted, and very caring. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise in defensive and safe driving skills.