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New Drivers and Teens

David Harmon PassedWhether you wish to start first with our simulator or are ready to start directly behind the wheel, you will be immediately be put at ease with your safety and comfort.  Our instructor is excellent with even the most nervous and novice driver.  Depending on each person's ability, you will soon be on the way to getting your driver’s license.  With enough lessons, you will learn not only how to drive, but drive safely. We will guide you and make sure that  you are ready for your driving test.

Parents can rest assured that their student is safe with AAA in our specially equipped car, a much easier & friendlier way to learn driving than being taught by family or friends.  We believe in leaving “No Stone Unturned” when it comes to teaching safety.

Always Buckle Up

Always Buckle Up

Always Drive Sober

Always Drive Sober

Focus On The Road

Focus On The Road

SummertimePrepare for a lifetime of safe driving with our teen drivers education. Pass the Nevada DMV Road Test with Confidence!

We provide classroom lessons, practical driving lessons for teens and students and for the first time in Las Vegas, we are pleased to announce our Virtual Driving simulator to train first time drivers. Learn safe driving skills before you hit the road.

If you have any apprehension or fears about getting behind the wheel, the Virtual Driving Simulator is the choice for you.

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Q&A with Our Driving Experts in Las Vegas

Question: What Is A Minor Restricted Driver License (MRDL)?

Answer: A minor restricted driver license (MRDL) is commonly referred to as a “hardship” license and may be issued to an individual who establishes the necessity to drive. An MRDL expires on the applicant’s next birthday.

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