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Defensive Driving/Traffic School

John and Zachary Freeman

Defensive Driving Traffic School in Las Vegas

When you were first learning to drive, you probably studied in a driving school. Classes in a driving school are typically intended to teach new drivers all the basics of road rules, driving, and preventative safety. The purpose of driving school in Nevada is not the same as the purpose of Las Vegas traffic school.

What is Traffic School?

Traffic school, which we offer with conventional classes and as an online traffic school in Las Vegas, serves to refresh drivers’ knowledge of driving and to teach defensive driving measures. Typically, these courses stress the importance of basic driving rules, as well as techniques to improve your ability to deal with unpredictable motorists on the road.

Topics such as state driving rules, accident prevention strategies, defensive driving techniques, consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and coping with road rage are generally covered. Lessons include the development of essential skills, such as emergency stopping, the best practices for intense driving conditions (like busy freeways), and how to handle a skid.

Who Needs to Attend Traffic School in Las Vegas?

Unlike driving school, only experienced drivers attend traffic school. When a driver receives a traffic violation, the court will often give the option of attending a traffic school in exchange for having the traffic ticket dismissed. Other times, a driver may be required by the court to attend traffic school.

In our Las Vegas traffic school, you can reduce points for traffic tickets (which maintains your low insurance premiums), help fulfill a plea-bargain agreement, or secure an auto-insurance discount.

Who Offers an Online Las Vegas Traffic School?

We do – from the AAA Driving Academy! A major benefit of our courses is that you can complete them in our online traffic school in Las Vegas. These online classes allow you to purge a traffic ticket from your record while learning road safety from the comfort of your own home. Our classes are thereby convenient and fully accessible – easy to fit into any busy schedule!

When Are Your Defensive Driving Traffic School Classes?

If you need to participate in our Defensive Driving Traffic School Points Removal Class, we offer it on Saturdays. To receive a Certificate of Completion for the DMV, you must attend a total of 15 hours. At that point, your DWI or demerit points will be removed from your driving record. This course services all license holders.

Pricing - Defensive Driving Traffic School:

  • 11-15 HOURS $125

Includes three 5-hour sessions, held on Saturdays only

9:00am – 2:00pm

30-minute lunch break & 15-minute break or three 15-minute breaks

Conclusion of Defensive Driving Course Students will receive Certificate of Completion

  • 6-10 HOURS $100



Certificate of Completion

  • 1-5 HOURS $50



Certificate of Completion

Curriculum at Our Las Vegas Traffic School

  • Traffic laws
  • Proper maneuvers; backing, lane changes, signaling
  • Highway driving
  • Driving under the influence; alcohol, prescriptions and recreational drugs
  • Distracted Driving, use of cell phones, including hands-free
  • Rules of the Road

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  • Includes (3) 5 hour sessions on Saturdays Only. 9:00am – 2:00pm. 30 minute lunch break & 15 minute break or (3) 15 minute breaks. Conclusion of Defensive Driving Course. Students will receive Certificate of Completion
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  • Curriculum, Breaks and Certificate of Completion
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